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Do you know what your name means? Do you know if you were named after someone? Growing up, I knew that I was named after my grandpa’s sister – and that Elizabeth means, “My God is abundance”.  If you don’t know what your name means and are curious, look up your name on www.behindthename.com

Names are important. Maybe you know someone who completely lives up to their name. A person’s name might really fit with their personality. People today don’t use names as identifiers as much as in the ancient world. In that time, names had power.

For example, Elijah means “the Lord is my God”. Elijah grew up to be a courageous prophet who called people to worship God alone. The name Moses literally means, “drawn up out of the water”. If you know anything about Moses, you probably remember Moses, in a basket, on the river. Also, in Scripture, when something dramatic happened in someone’s life, their name was often changed to signify their new life. Take some time to check out the story of how Jacob became Israel, Abram because Abraham, Sarai became Sarah, Simon became Peter, and Saul became Paul.

In this Advent season, it is in the announcement of a name that our hope comes. The angel gives the name to Joseph, “She (Mary) will bear a son, and you are to name him Jesus, for he will save his people from their sins” (Matthew 1:20-21)

This announcement of a name is an announcement of hope. It is the God/man named Jesus who saves people from their sins. Jesus continues to be given names that signify what he did, what he does, and what he continues to do. Savior. Messiah. King. Prince of Peace. Christ. Redeemer. Light of the World. The list goes on.

Think about your name. And remember the most important part of your name, “_________, Child of God.”

Advent Blessings,

Pastor Elizabeth

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Giving Thanks

Dear Friends,

Have you been thinking about giving thanks this week? I’ve noticed this week that news specials and articles in the paper, both locally and online, are including special reports where people talk about what they are thankful for. Just the other day on TV, an elementary school class was being interviewed. The things they listed, without exception, were not actually THINGS. They were thankful for people. (Or, in many cases, animals)

Parents, friends, dogs, grandparents, brothers, or sisters. These are the “things” that count most when we count what we are thankful for.

When you make your list, does it look similar? Mine does! It’s the people I’m thankful for.

I hope that you take time this week to spend time with the people you are thankful for. Even if you are far away from them, spend some time on the phone.

And give thanks.

Pastor Elizabeth

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