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Music of the Season

One of the most powerful aspects of the Advent season is the spectacular music. I have been listening to wonderful music for the past month, but I had the  joy of listening to the St John’s Choir sing a Christmas Cantata this morning.

Music has a way of speaking volumes and changing the world.

Thank you to all who participated in worship this morning. The message you sang is the message of hope and love that we should all be sharing.

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Dear Friends,

I have the best job ever. I want to tell you a little about how great my job is. As the Children/Youth/Family pastor at St John, I spend a lot of time with the children and youth in this congregation. Yesterday was an especially wonderful day for two reasons. First, it was the Children’s Christmas Program which I will admit is always a highlight in my life. It probably started long ago when my mom led the Sunday School music at my church and every year would put together the Children’s program. I still get a grin on my face when I think of lots of kids, banging instruments and singing “Angel Band”. Then there’s the book, The Best Christmas Pageant Ever. If you haven’t read it, it will make you laugh and warm your heart. So, to hear our St John Children sing and read and dress in costume… yes, it made my day.

The Second reason for my delight in yesterday was teaching Middle School/High School Sunday School yesterday. We did a sort of Advent rotation through stations. They spent about 5 minutes at every station, thinking about the Nativity Story, Baby Jesus, writing what they were thankful for, making a prayer chain, etc. One station in particular caught my eye this morning as I cleaned up. The station was  simple – it had two questions, both were to be answered anonymously by sticking a post-it on the sign.

The two questions were, (This Advent Season) “What are you waiting for?” and “What do you think God is waiting for?”. The answers astounded me and reminded me of how powerful the faith of people is. I wanted to share with you these anonymous answers – and I hope you think about how YOU would answer those questions.

What are you waiting for?

Peace for everyone; Christmas break to spend time with my family; peace with justice and honor (and good weather); for God to forgive me for everything I’ve done and that I will do; for Jesus to return and to celebrate Christmas with family; for my family to get together for Christmas; for forgiveness in not living as God should want me to; My grandma to either get better or to join God in heaven; for love and forgiveness; for Jesus to answer my prayer or for me to try and listen longer for the answer; for Christ to come and flourish through our lives.

What do you think God is waiting for?

Coming of Christ and the celebration of him; new things to happen all bad things to go away and start over; for us, his rebels, to open their eyes and see him and his people; for people to stop sinning; his kids in the eyes and to be thankful and live in the world; for Christ to come; His sons and daughters to live in his eyes; for his people to find him; for us to see how great and kind God is; for people to come together in harmony without fighting in his name; for me to be nicer to people and stop being mean to them; for people to realize he is God and will always be there for people whether they believe or not. He can do miracles; peace; bad things to stop; for people to pray; for people to get better; for people to be together; for all people to understand that we’re all in this together and to work together for the benefit of all.

May God continue to surround all of us who are waiting…

Pastor Elizabeth

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