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Easter Blessings!

He is Risen! He is Risen Indeed!

Easter is not just a one day event. Celebrate Easter in each moment and every Sunday!

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This is a quiet Saturday- after the powerful images and reflection of Good Friday, and before a joy of Easter morning.

I want to share this devotion with you. It is written by the ELCA Bishop of the Rocky Mountain Synod.

What words can be spoken,

on this day when the Word lies deathly still and silent?

To speak at all, to break the silence in any way,

seems a desecration.

Light itself seems a sacrilege, even noonday a mockery,

when the Light has been extinguished.

But the darkness will not overcome.

Imagine. Imagine the creative and creating Word

piercing, laser-like, into the Lazarus death blackness.

Into the light and life absent tomb, the Word comes

screaming, shattering silence, sparking new fire

against the cold stone, igniting ears to hear,

eyes to see, heart to beat…..to beat.

Stone be rolled away!  Come out!  Unbind him!

And in his unbinding we are all unbound,

set free to breathe at last.

–Bishop Allan Bjornberg

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Thank you for joining together to Be The Church!

We had a great time together!

If you took any pictures, please email them to Pastor Elizabeth at pastor.elizabeth.hoium@gmail.com

I will put them up on the website to share!

Thank you for going out in this community as the hands and feet of Christ!

Pastor Elizabeth

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This Sunday is Be The Church Sunday!

What does that mean? That means that the congregations of Trinity Lutheran Church and St John Lutheran Church are joining together to use our hands and feet to serve others in our community.

How can you help? We are collecting food for a food drive today and tomorrow. Drop your food off at KJAM or at either of the two churches. Then, please join us on Sunday morning, April 17th at 8:45am at St John Lutheran Church. Join a group and Be The Church!

If you have a yellow t-shirt, don’t forget to wear it!

See you Sunday!

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This Sunday we will “stir in” our 4th Ingredient of Discipleship – Prayer & Study. Come and find out what T.R.I.P. stands for!
From, Pastor D

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